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Projects & Initiatives

Our strategic framework, collaborative approach and desire for transformative outcomes define our work

Initiative 1-Monitoring Parliament

Gender Analysis 

  • Monitoring Parliamentary Debates on Gender Issues  

  • SafeCity Programme: Creating safer public spaces free from sexual harassment at Local Government level

  • Localisation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Parliamentary Constituencies

  • Youth Community Builders: Rohingya women and men, girls and boys 

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Source: Bernama

Strategic Advocacy Planning

  • Strategic Planning & Capacity Building of Women's NGOs and State Women's Councils

  • CEDAW Awareness Training at State and Local Levels

  • Strategic Advocacy, Capacity Building & Situational Analysis for Joining Hands Against Modern Slavery (JHAMS) 

Discussion at Biodiversity Data Mobilisa

Photo by Maheva Bagard Laursen

Initiative 2-StrategicPlanning
Initiative 3-JHAMS

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Monitoring of Parliamentary Debates on Gender Issues

  • UNHCR Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Programme

  • SafeCity Programme

M & E (Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexel

Photo by Jessica Lewis

Initiative 4-Youth&Refugee

Deepening the Gender Equality Discourse

  • Youth Community Builders: Empowering both refugee and citizen youth to be changemakers in their communities

  • Conversations for Change: Engaging men and women advocates for gender equality

  • A One-stop Resource Portal for Women in Malaysia


Photo by Rebecca Zaal

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